Welcome to the SSP Anti-spam system. SSP is a opensource Anti-spam system based on captcha technology (figure 1). The system filters out machines that send SPAM e-mails using a "challange blockmessage" (figur 2) containing a captcha image. If the sender can solve the challange he or she is considered to be human and therefore not a spammer. The system can be extended with external filters to extend capabilites used on mail that fails the machine/human test. Endusers can also "whitelist" machines that they want to be trusted, this is usefull for newgroups and other services that send mails to a recipient using a machine.

Figure 1. Overview of SSP Anti-spam system from tonjac.org

SSP is under development and in the current version 0.5 (early beta) only the basic filtering technic is implemented (no extensionfilters and no admin-console to update whitelists).

The distribution can only run i a win32 environment (more platforms will be supported in the future).

1. Download the package (zip) and unpack it in a new folder.
2. Download and install java JRE 1.5 or later. Set your JAVA_HOME environment variable or update the path to the JRE in bin/install.bat.
3. Update etc/ssp.properties with your protected mail-host, your ISP:s smtp-server and your domain name (or ip) in the auth-URL.
4. Update etc/mini.properties (http.port) with your listening port for http (must be the same as in the auth-URL).
5. Run install.bat to install SSP as a win32-service and start the service in the controlpanel.

SSP Anti-spam system